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We have been in business since 1966.                                                                                         
Each of our cabinet refinishers is a dedicated professional with 17 years or more in the trade.
Our experience, and full quality controls, assure that your cabinets will be completed to a high               standard.
No trainees or subcontractors work on the cabinet refinishing.                                                 

Price estimates for cabinet finishing is from an actual finisher, and manager-owner guides the work    for careful coordination of the refinishing process, down to finest details.
  ....A real, hands-on care, that you rarely find today.
You can count on our reliability in keeping a firm work schedule.

Only first grade finishing products from leading manufacturers are used on cabinets.
A combination of traditional methods and the latest techniques and products give your                             cabinets a first-rate, durable finish.                                                   
Notably: More finish is applied on your cabinets than is the standard industry practice.                                      
We are not limited in either materials or methods by franchise affiliations with the fees,
royalties, and other forced expenses passed on to you.
And independence gives us the flexibility to do the best work for you without constraints.
Proven results from many years in refinishing cabinets is the REAL difference.    
Our focus is simple:  to put a fine finish on your cabinets.
.... great quality, is in the details. ( see Customer Comments )        

WE LOVE COMPLIMENTS! Expect compliments on your kitchen cabinets when we finish them.                                                                                                                                                                                  
Lastly, the final statement of our commitment, is a solid warranty on our fine work.
A full 5 year Limited Warranty on the cabinet finish supported by decades of superior results.                                                             
'Looking forward to the opportunity of working with you and for you. Phone for me personally or           email for a no obligation estimate....or just for some further consultation.  Contact Us


         Louis J. Criscella,  founder finisher                    Donald Lankey, owner finisher
          Decorators Co.      Since 1966...serving Western PA


We remove the cabinet doors and drawers and take them to our shop to do the work on them first.       Then, the cabinet boxes (part mounted on the walls) are completed in the home.
No dust or residues are left throughout your home with the system (described below).
You will have complete use of your kitchen and cabinets while the doors and drawers are finished
for a few days at the shop. Upon returning to your home with the doors and drawers, the cabinet          boxes are done "in-place".

We begin by sealing-off the kitchen area entrance ways with a plastic-film. In larger rooms, the               cabinet area is partitioned-off and sealed with a plastic-film"wall".
The sealed-off area, is fully vented by a suction duct through a window. You have no residues left         through your home. And the special finish quick-dries in minutes.
The little odor is expelled by the suction vent, so work may be done in homes through every                  season of the year.

Next comes masking (taping-around) and covering of the walls adjacent to the cabinets.
The floor, the countertop and the appliances are all covered with plastic film and sealed.
After all is properly protected, we proceed to cabinet finish process, according to your order details.     
A combination of products is used to remove soiling, contaminants, or the old finish if specified.          Extensive preparation of the cabinet surfaces will assure solid adhesion of the new finish.
Surface repairs,corrections, or changes are made as detailed on your order.

We then proceed to the application of  the transparent stain-change or solid color as you specified.
If you select "staining", then the final steps will include the spray application of several coats of a        special, durable clear sealer and finish, formulated to resist water, steam, detergents, food stains        and wear. The finish is designed for an easy-care, wipe-off  surface.
Or, If you choose that the cabinets be painted a solid color, then multiple fine coats of color-ranged      surfacer-primer and final color topcoats are sprayed-applied in your color choice and sheen selection with the easy-care surface formula.
With re-staining, the final step is clear-coats spray-finished in the gloss you select: satin, semi-gloss or gloss. We never brush-on or wipe-on finishes, or use an "applicator" as these methods cause brush-marks and other inconsistencies.
Spray application will give your cabinets a smooth, even, surface finish.

All of our work is of signature quality.
Performed with the extra-care standard that defines our craft. Contact us.

  Louis (Lou) J. Criscella, founder .........Donald Lankey, owner-finisher            




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" a family operated shop with
extra-care service"       
Louis 'Lou' Criscella
     Foremost in Cabinet Refinishing...We Give Surfaces a New Look                   Change color stain, paint, or touch up and restore to new luster.
  Whatever your will be pleased with the results and the cost. 
  Serving 5 counties in greater Pittsburgh Western Pennsylvania since 1966.
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